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Zelda Adventure

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Zelda Adventure
ZA picture.png
Type Map
Author(s) Gary520 and Spirale
Date Released February 25, 2011
Download V0.9.7


Development state Beta

Zelda Adventure is a map created by Gary520, with help from Spirale, which is currently a work in progress. The map is inspired by the game series The Legend of Zelda. Six dungeons have already been released.

The current play time for this map is about 8-10 hours.

You can see the map trailer here :



At the beginning of the game, you see Princess Zelda, who is captured and asks you for help. So, you'll have to find where she's being held and save her.

There will be a real story in the final version (currently in progress).


Forest Temple
Forest Temple
The first dungeon. Rather easy; it's here to explain the game and teach you how to play.
Boss :
Slime size 8.
Skeleton Temple
Skeleton Temple
The second dungeon. Harder than the first one, with platform challenges.
Boss :
Giant Skeleton.
Water Temple
Water Temple
The entrance to the temple is at the bottom of Lake Hylia. There are small puzzles inside it.
Boss :
Giant Blue Slime & Misc..
Desert Temple
Desert Temple
The entrance to the temple is in the desert. There's a maze with an puzzle inside it. There are some problems in the maze with levers. If the door doesn't open, click 2 times on each lever.
Boss :
Ground Temple
Ground Temple
The entrance to the temple is in the lost woods, after the desert. There are many puzzles and platform challenges.
Boss :
Giant Zombie.
Ice Temple
Ice Temple
The temple is in the Snowy Plain. The fire rod is required to enter it.
Boss :


Arrow : Used with the bow. Deals very low damage.
Big Purse : Not yet implemented in-game. Holds up to 500 rupees.
Bomb : Deals massive damage. Can destroy cracked walls and many other things.
Bomb Arrow.png
Bomb Arrow : Can be used by holding the bomb arrow in the left hand, and the bow in the right hand. Deals massive damage. Can destroy cracked walls.
Bomb Bag : Obtained in the Kokiri Forest in exchange for 2 dark bones. Holds up to 30 bombs.
Book of Mudora : Obtained in the library of Hyrule's Town. Used in the Gerudo Desert to reach a battle room.
Boomerang new.png
Boomerang : Obtained in the third dungeon. Can stun enemies or activate levers.
Boss Key : Key used to open boss' doors.
Bow : Obtained in the Gerudo Desert. Deals low damage. Can activate eye Eye.png blocks.
Dark bone : You can obtain 3 dark bones by beating the Giant Dark Skeleton Darkskeleton.png in the Gerudo Desert.
Deku Nut : Ammunition for the slingshot. Can be bought in shops.
Deku Stick : The deku stick can be lit with fire, lava or a lit torch. You can light unlit torches with a lit deku stick.
Empty Bottle : It's possible to get 4 empty bottles during the game.
Excalibur : Not yet implemented in-game. Deals massive damage.
Fire Key : Obtained in the Snowy Tower. Opens the door to reach the volcano.
Fire Rod : Obtained in the Volcano. Can melt ice or snow, and burn enemies. Deals average damage; Consumes some magic.
Fishing Rod : Can be bought in the house near the Hylia Lake for 15 rupees. Can fish some fishes.
Fire Tunic : Not yet implemented in-game. When equipped, you gain resistance to heat and fire.
Goron Ruby : Not yet implemented in-game.
Hookshot : Not yet implemented in-game.
Ice rod : Obtained in the Ice Temple. Can freeze water and enemies; Consumes some magic.
Iron Boots : Not yet implemented in-game. When equipped, you become heavier, allowing you to dive underwater.
Key : Basic key used inside and outside of dungeons.
Kokiri Emerald : Obtained in the Forest Temple. You can put it in the Temple of Time.
Kokiri Shield : Obtained in the second dungeon. Can block arrows.
Kokiri Sword : First sword obtained in a little cavern at the start. Deals low damage.
Little Purse : Holds up to 200 rupees. Can be found in a house before the door to the Snowy Plains.
Magic Powder : The magic powder is used for magic items (Ice rod, Fire rod, etc...)
Mask of Truth : Obtained in the Mask Shop of Hyrule's Town for 1 dark bone. Any usage in-game for now.
Mushroom : Obtained in the Kokiri Forest. Can be exchanged with the witch.
Naryu's Love : Obtained in the Gerudo Desert, after beating the Giant Dark Skeleton Darkskeleton.png.
Ocarina of Time : Obtained in the water in front of the Hyrule's Town. Can play different songs.
Pendant of Courage : Obtained in the Skeleton Temple. Used with the other two pendants to get the Snow Key.
Pendant of Power : Obtained in the Desert Temple. Used with the other two pendants to get the Snow Key.
Pendant of Wisdom : Obtained in the Water Temple. Used with the two others pendants to get the Snow Key.
Power bracelet : Obtained in the fifth dungeon. Can pull and push boxes.
Quiver : Obtained in a secret room of the Skeleton Temple. Holds up to 500 arrows.
Roc's Cape : Not yet implemented in-game.
Rupee : The money of the game. There are also blue (worth 5), yellow (worth 10) and red (worth 20) rupees.
Shovel : Obtained in the Kokiri Forest. Can dig certain blocks.
Silver Key : Key used sometimes in dungeons. Different to the Gold Key
Slingshot : Obtained in a secret room of the Forest Temple. Deals low damage.
Snow Key : Obtained in the Kokiri Forest using the three pendants. Open the door to reach the Snowy Plain.
Stone Sword : Obtained in the Snowy Tower. Deals average damage.
Torch : Obtained in the second dungeon. Lights up dark places.
Tunique zora.png
Water Tunic : Not yet implemented in-game. When equipped, you'll have infinite oxygen when you're underwater.
Zora Sapphire : Not yet implemented in-game.


Kokiri Forest
Kokiri Forest
The forest where you start the game, with the Forest Temple and the Skeleton Temple.
The Kokiri are living in this forest.
There were the three pendants of courage, wisdom and power in the forest, but they disappeared.
Lake Hylia
Lake Hylia
A lake where you can fish. The Water Temple is somewhere in the lake.
There is a house near the lake where you can buy a fishing rod and fish.
Gerudo Desert
Gerudo Desert
A desert where there is the Desert Temple. Be careful, many creepers are living here.
There is a shop in the desert where you can buy some useful items.
Lost woods
Lost woods
A strange place near the Kokiri Forest where it is easy to be lost. Look at the mushrooms to find your way.
The Forest Temple is at the end of the Lost Woods.
Snowy Plain
Snowy Plain
A snowy plain with a shop and a strange house. The Ice Temple is here.
Hyrule Plain
Hyrule Plain
A big plain with a beautiful river. You can reach many places from the plain.
Peak Province
Peak Province
A place with beautiful snowy mountains. You have to pass through here to reach the Snowy Tower.
There is a little lake and an ice cavern.
Snowy Tower
Snowy Tower
A strange castle with a big tower. Princess Zelda should be here.
Hyrule's Town
Hyrule's Town
The main town of the game. There are many merchants, skills games and the Temple of Time here.
You can reach Hyrule Castle from the town.
Kakariko Village
Kakariko Village
A little town with a few merchants.
There is a mill, a well and the Skulltulas' House.
You can reach the cemetery from the village.
The cemetery is behind Kakariko Village.
An active volcano. It could erupt at any moment.

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